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Ottawa, Eastern Ontario- Animal & Veterinary Flooring Systems

Each veterinary clinic requires different flooring requirements dependent on the animals and procedures the doctor offers. One thing they all require is protection against bodily fluids, and cleaning chemicals, and above all can be easily cleaned in a very effective way. Concrete Fusion stocks a range of epoxy flooring systems for animal and veterinary environments. We have the product that is suitable for your veterinarian practice

Sanitary Veterinary & Animal Flooring Systems

Other types of flooring, such as tiles, carpet, and wood, have joints that are porous and harbour germs and bacteria. Concrete Fusion floors are seamless and one smooth layer. With no joints or cracks, there is nowhere for dirt and bacteria to hide. This means keeping your floors clean is easier than ever.


We specialize in installing floors for vet clinics, kennels, store rooms, garages and outdoor areas. With the floor being installed wall to wall areas can be hosed or mopped with little mess and no cleanup. Our installers make sure to slope the floor so that all fluids flow towards an appropriate drainage system.


Our floors can be customized to include anti-slip, anti-microbial or moisture mitigating top coats. These all increase the microbial resistance of your clinic and provide additional protection for your furry patients.

Reliable Animal & Veterinary Flooring Solutions

Veterinary floor coating systems need to be resistant to frequent cleaning and abrasion while being gentle on paws, hooves, etc. All the floors we offer for this type of environment offer strength and durability while being comfortable to stand on. With high durability, low maintenance and very hygienic conditions it is no wonder why newly built and renovated vet clinics are choosing epoxy coatings to be installed in their clinics.

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    Our specialized animal and veterinary floor systems have the following benefits:

    • EPA-registered antimicrobial flooring available
    • Resistance to chemical, acid and alkali
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Impermeable to animal waste
    • Low odor flooring
    • Customized degree of slip-resistant finish
    • Resistant to harsh disinfectants and sanitizers
    • Allows for Steam-cleaning
    • Solvent-resistant and betadine-resistant topcoat selection
    • Abrasion, scratch and puncture-resistant options
    • Options available for Moisture-mitigating and waterproofing
    • Large selection of standard or custom colors, blends, patterns, and textures
    • Optional company or organization logo embedded in floor

    Custom Veterinary Floor Coating Systems, Reliable Low Prices

    Every business has a unique set of requirements for their flooring. That is why Concrete Fusion designs custom floors so your business gets the floor to meet your exact specifications. Our highly experienced, trained and skilled staff ensure that your floor is professionally installed, incorporating any customization like anti-slip, anti-microbial, or decorative finish you want. We are a local business serving Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. As such we know that costs are very important to our customers. We invest in industrial grade machines and tooling so we can complete service small to medium sized jobs too. Using the proper tools means we complete the work faster, saving you money and keeping business downtime to the absolute minimum. That’s why so many local businesses choose to work with Concrete Fusion.

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