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Cold Temperature Epoxy Flooring

Many concrete coating systems are not designed to be installed in temperatures colder than 10 degrees Celsius. This makes installing floors in freezers, fridges, cold storage areas, and seasonal installation more challenging. Concrete Fusion understands that facilities cannot always adjust the temperature of the environment during the installation of a new floor. That is why we offer a wide range of industrial grade coatings that are designed specifically to be installed in cold areas. Using the wrong product, or contractor puts your flooring project at risk of delamination, peeling, cracking and bubbling. Choose a contractor that has the product knowledge and expertise when it comes to cold temperature concrete coating and epoxy flooring.


We stock many lines of high-performance resins for installation in low temperatures. Our coldest products can be installed in as cold as -20 degrees Celsius. Amazingly manufacturers developed a product that cures in the cold and won’t sacrifice strength and durability. We guarantee that our cold temperature installation coatings are as strong as our regular epoxies. Concrete Fusion offers better choice and service for our clients.


Our cold environment products can be formulated to include a full range of options like anti-slip high friction surfaces. We can still slope floors and include wall coving for seamless easy to clean surface.

Typical Cold Environment Installations Include
  • Walk-in freezers and coolers
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Commercial and industrial cold storage operations
  • New construction in unheated buildings

Concrete slab showing signs of damage and wear?

Cold area concrete floor are susceptible to damage just like any other kind of floor. With our specialized cold formula products, Concrete Fusion offers a full range of cold environment concrete slab repair and resurfacing. Most slabs (even ones in poor condition) can be repaired and restored to a condition that is coated with epoxy and better than new!

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