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Concrete epoxy and other resins can be used to resurface cracked and damaged concrete floors. Concrete repair in Ottawa can save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of replacing the entire slab. Concrete Fusion offers Ottawa concrete repair with chemical and salt-damaged slabs using high-strength epoxy and mortar. Once your floor has been repaired we can resurface and prepare the concrete for a gorgeous decorative layer that is virtually indestructible. Our coating systems can be customized to include high-performing elements like anti-slip, ESD, and anti-microbial admixtures.

Concrete Resurfacing & Concrete Repair in Ottawa

Our staff has spent years learning the skills and gaining experience with regard to repairing and resurfacing concrete floors. Concrete Fusion ensures that any resurface installation leaves your floor trouble-free and in great condition for years to come.

The benefits of our Ottawa concrete repair include:

  • The expertise and knowledge of our staff
  • Over 25 years industry experience
  • Extensive concrete floor resurface lines
  • A selection of more than five resin types, including epoxy floor resurfacers, ensures optimal floor repair for any facility
  • For floors in food areas, our floors meet CFIA requirements
  • Antimicrobial protection using Health Canada registered materials
  • A complete range of services from quick fixes to full installations

Our resurfacers don’t just repair surface cracks & damage – better than new:

  • Aggregate-filled, fluid-applied systems that help dissipate impact across the floor
  • Ultra high point load, high compressive strength floor repair systems
  • Options for extreme environments, including thermal shock-resistant floors
  • Elastomeric concrete floor toppings to absorb machine vibration
  • Waterproofing resurfacers for mezzanines and upper levels
  • Utilitarian or decorative slip-resistant finishes
  • Moisture-tolerant and moisture-mitigating resurfacers are available.

If you have cracks, spalling, or other damage to your concrete floors, our experts in concrete repair Ottawa can help. We offer a wide range of services from quick fixes to full installations, and our resurfacers will leave your floors looking better than new.

Reduce Operational Downtime With Concrete Fusion Concrete Repair in Ottawa

Damage to concrete floors should be repaired as soon as possible. Concrete Fusion understands that you still have a business to run, so we are happy to schedule our work around your requirements. In many cases, it is possible to perform a concrete repair in Ottawa with just one visit and return at a later date to complete the final resurfacing. We work with businesses to reduce operational downtime.

Repair Don’t Replace Your Old Concrete Slab. Call Today To Learn More About Epoxy Concrete Floor Restorations and Ottawa concrete repair by Concrete Fusion.

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