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Concrete Floor Surface Repairs

Have an old damaged concrete slab in your facility? Often times cracked and pitted concrete can be resurfaced with epoxy mortar and finished with a 2 part epoxy coating. Concrete Fusion delivers concrete floor restorations for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Resurfacing is always cheaper than replacing and when we are finished you get a floor that is protected from future damage and looks better than new.


Not all repairs are complete at the professional level of Concrete Fusion. Coatings that are applied improperly run the risk of discoloration or delamination. Our expertly installed coatings are done at an expert standard and any repairs we do are guaranteed to last. When repairing or resurfacing your concrete floor choose the concrete contractor that can deliver the best resutls. Our team can work with a wide variety of floors like Gypcrete, concrete and screeds.


Our staff goes beyond surface preparation and resurfacing. We identify what the damage is and how it was caused. There is no point in doing a concrete repair in Ottawa that’s just going to reappear in a year or two. Moisture tests and concrete samples are sometimes required so we can determine what repair is needed to ensure it is going to last. Each project is unique and our team will offer a solution that best suits your floor and deliver it in the most affordable process.

Our quality repair services include:
  • Concrete flooring crack repair materials that are CFIA approved
  • Optional antimicrobial protection
  • Materials that are quick to cure
  • Systems that are moisture resistant
  • Resistance against chemicals and abrasion
  • Gel patch kits that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Cold temperature installation repair materials available

Preventative Maintenance

In order for a lasting repair, it is crucial that the damaged floor is prepared properly. 90% of the work we do is surface preparation – its the most important aspect of any concrete repair. Once prepared our high performing mortars, epoxies and coating deliver a floor that looks as good as new and is guaranteed too.


If you have any trouble with discoloration, delamination or cracks reappearing call out customer support and we can schedule a technician visit. We work hard to identify the cause of the problem and eliminate it so problems don’t appear again. Our installers are trained to work with coatings to specification so you won’t have any issues with color or peeling. But our aftercare support is excellent and we want to hear from you with any questions or concerns.


For help in choosing which product is best for your floor, then contact our expert, friendly staff. We can walk you through the process and design a concrete repair that is guaranteed to last.

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