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Concrete Fusion has more than 15 years of experience grinding and polishing concrete floors. Our real-live concrete polishing experience translates into amazing, professional and high quality results for your concrete floor. Whether you’re looking to renovate an old floor, or install a new one, we are able to give you the finish you are looking for at a price that affordable too. Using our knowledge and experience, we ensure that all our floors are completed to the highest quality and degree of finish for our Eastern Ontario customers.


  • Repair surface cracks
  • Level uneven flooring areas
  • Grind floors to remove glue/residue remaining from previous flooring
  • Determine the degree of grinding and polishing needed to achieve your desired look

Repair and Renovation

Despite the durability of concrete floors, it is possible for it to be damaged. And, once it is damaged then it’s important to repair it as soon as possible.

We are experts at bringing your concrete floor back to the pristine condition it was when it was first laid. Our services include:
  • Concrete floor leveling
  • Repair and fill joints and cracks
  • Mill down spalled concrete surfaces
  • Moisture damage, including staining, disbonding or curling

If you’re looking to breathe life into an old floor, or fancy changing your tired carpet or wooden flooring, then contact us today. Our friendly knowledgeable staff are always available to chat and answer all of your questions about concrete polishing and concrete floors.

Why Choose Polished Concrete Floor?

The Most Versatile Flooring Choice

More and more customers are discovering the benefits of polished concrete as a finishing option for their residential, commercial and industrial flooring. Concrete products have a wide variety of finishes and always requires less maintenance than other flooring choices. There is so much character in natural concrete and we can expose as much or as little aggregate in the final product as desired by the customer. Due to the highly reflective qualities of polished concrete it is a great product for retail and showroom environments since it illuminates your products in a unique way. Polished concrete helps businesses and facilities reduce labor through its low maintenance and easy to clean nature. Virtually indestructible it withstands vehicle and foot traffic easily looking just as good as new. Hospitals often choose our floors because of their hygienic and antimicrobial characteristics. People enjoy that polished concrete never creeks or makes a sound as it ages and gets traffic.

Reduced Maintenance & Increased Life

Polished concrete should be re-polished every 3-5 years depending on much traffic there is. Compared to carpets or tiles which need to be maintained far more often. Our products have a life span that is measured in decades which is superior to products like carpets which can show signs of wear after a few years… or spills. Cleaning concrete couldn’t be easier too. A mop, stiff brush, pressure washer or hose down all leave a pristine and shining finish. Concrete polishing is a great flooring option for anyone who suffers from allergies. Pet hair and the dust settles in carpet fibres which are difficult to remove and tiles have grout and seams that are breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. Polished concrete has none of these drawbacks and is by far the most hygienic floor available in Eastern Ontario.

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Just One Call…For Your Turn-Key Concrete Polishing Solution

  • Low maintenance
  • Super durable, long wearing finish
  • Bright, hi-gloss or satin finish
  • Turnkey installation w/ our crews
  • Fast turnaround
  • Best warranty
  • Textured finishes available
  • Low odors
  • Chemical resistance
  • Vapor mitigation underlayments

To find out more about Polished Concrete Floors,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request