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Equestrian Center Flooring Systems – Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Over recent years there has been an explosion of equestrian facilities, with new centers opening every week. Choosing whether to install a new floor, or renovate an existing one can have a big impact on creating a good environment for your facility. Concrete Fusion offer expert advice on what type of floor will best suit your operations, and whether you need a new installation or we can resurface an old floor. Different options are available for whether you are looking for simple stabling flooring, or training and events. Our floor systems ensure that whichever options your choose, they will be easy to clean and maintain, and have a strong durable finish.

The Benefits of Coating Equestrian Facility Floors

Equestrian flooring receives a lot of punishment, and requires a solution that offers protection against abrasion and point impact. Uneven, cracked, and damaged flooring can result in injury to both horse and rider, so choosing the right finish is essential. Our specialist floor solutions offer anti-slip and abrasion protection, and as well as point impact resistance, ensuring your floor is trouble-free and long lasting for a cost to suit your budget.

Areas that Benefit from our Special Flooring are:
  • Stall Aisles
  • Wash Stalls
  • Feed Rooms
  • Tack Rooms
  • Barn & Facility Offices
  • Lounge Areas
  • Restrooms

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