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Increase Worker Safety With Graphical Inlays

Concrete Fusion floor delivers more than just low maintenance and durable floor. Through graphical inlays and borders, our floors can increase productivity by informing workers about potential hazards and clearly defining safety areas (which can be difficult to do in large warehouses). Increasing worker safety reduces insurance claims, increase productivity and helps protect expensive equipment, and products too. Keep forklifts and vehicle traffic to a specific side of the aisle, install stop signs and other traffic rules in high contrast colors at every junction, and make safety a number one priority at your facility.

  • Standard paint: least expensive, but shortest lifespan
  • Epoxy coatings sealed with urethane: a midway solution offering semi-permanent durability
  • Epoxy coatings sealed with urethane and applied to shot blasted concrete: the longest lasting and most cost effective
  • Luminescent (glow in the dark) surface treatments
  •  Anti-slip surface treatments
  • Epoxy, ultraviolet, and thermoplastic coating solutions

To ensure that your safety lines last as long as possible, we prepare the surface by either diamond grinding or shot blasting prior to applying the finish.

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Just One Call…For Your Turnkey Flooring Solution

  • Low maintenance
  • Super durable, long wearing finish
  • Bright, hi-gloss or satin finish
  • Turnkey installation w/ our crews
  • Fast turnaround
  • Best warranty
  • Textured finishes available
  • Low odors
  • Chemical resistance
  • Vapor mitigation underlayments

To find out more about our Factory Safety Line services for concrete floors,

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