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Floor Coatings for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Breweries, wineries and distilleries all require a floor system that is easily cleaned and is able to meet CFIA regulations. These floors are often subject to spillages from potentially damaging products as well as enduring heavy loads being wheeled across them. Concrete Fusion can offer floor systems that offer a wide range of protection, all of which has been designed to withstand the daily rigors of alcohol producing facilities. Our floor systems are exceedingly easy to clean and maintain, and they are all CFIA compliant.

Resinous Flooring Systems for Wineries

To create the superior bottle of wine it is critical that production is carried out in the right environment. Due to the wide range of activities that take place within a winery, spillages are a common occurrence. Floors for this industry need a wide variety of protection in order to be compliant with all the regulations, and offer the best health and safety to their staff.

Our floor coatings have been specially designed to offer wineries a wide array of benefits:
  • High resistance to acids and chemicals
  • Customizable level of skid resistance
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Superior acid resistance
  • CFIA compliance
  • Low to zero VOC and low odor options
  • Formaldehyde-free formulations
  • Zero emissions when fully cured

In order to meet the large range of regulations that surround this industry, floors must be able to be quickly and easily cleaned, and able to withstand harsh cleaning products and methods. Our floor systems can offer this, as well as providing a beautiful finish that combines to create an environment that is both safe and pleasant to work in.

Floor Coatings for Distilleries

Every distillery is unique in that each has its own special ingredients. Concrete Fusion is confident that it can offer a floor system that will provide the right level of protection and regulatory compliance no matter what your requirements.

Our floor systems for distilleries offer protection against:
  • Aggressive chemicals and acids
  • Heavy impact
  • High abrasion
  • Thermal shock from steam and hot water

Our floor systems have been specially designed to withstand the daily punishment that distilleries give to their floors. Whether it’s protection against spillages, or heavy loads being wheeled across them, our floors can help you provide a safe pleasant environment for your business.

Special Flooring Formulations for Breweries

Our heavy-duty urethane concrete has been specially formulated to withstand the extreme conditions found in brewing rooms, as well as kegging or bottling areas.

Some of the benefits of installing one of our floors are:
  • Ability to pitch floor for adequate drainage
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Superior compressive strength
  • Impact resistance for heavy equipment handling
  • Customizable level of slip resistance
  • Resistance to bacteria and germs
  • Good tolerance to high temperatures
  • Exceptional chemical resistance

Multiple Solutions for a Unique Environment

All of the floor systems that we recommend for food and drink processing facilities meet CFIA standards. They have been designed to cope with the specific yet wide variety of environments that are found within this industry.

  • Protection against bacteria and germs
  • Protection against heavy foot or vehicle traffic
  • Protection against fluids and chemicals
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Finished in a customizable design

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