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Food Court Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Food courts are appearing everywhere these days, nearly every type of business is investing in one. No matter what your core business is we can ensure that your floor offers both the protection you require, and will match the look and feel of the rest of your environment.

Durable Flooring Solutions for Food Courts

Food courts tend to have multiple uses, from preparing food to consumption. Your floor needs to be able to cope with the different uses and still be an attractive environment.

Concrete Fusion’s floor systems can offer:
  • Easily cleaned — our floors offer a non-porous surface where fluids sit on top of the floor and are easily dealt with
  • Bacteria resistance — our specially designed flooring helps the prevention of a buildup of bacteria and other germs.
  • Waterproof protection — optional resistance to moisture, including large amounts of water ensures that any spillages can be quickly cleaned up. Our elastomeric waterproofing underlayment offer additional protection against spillages.
  • Stain resistance — our floors are not only resistant to water, but also against chemicals, oils, and other fluids. No matter what is spilled on them, they will remain stain free.

Low Maintenance Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Flooring

Compliance with food safety standards often requires additional effort, and expense. With our high-performance floor systems that effort and expense is reduced to a minimum. Our floor systems are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain, and come with all the protection you need.

Decrease the possibility of contamination — when bacteria have less room to thrive the possibility of food and drink contamination decreases.

Reduce accidents — within a restaurant or kitchen, slips and falls can plague employees and patrons alike. Reduce accidents by choosing the appropriate flooring for the space.

Resist stains, scuffs and scratches — Enjoy a higher return on investment with Concrete Fusion’s epoxy floor coatings as it protects floors from damage.

Whether you need a floor for a food preparation area, or one for diners, our floor systems can offer a variety of choices. Our flooring not only gives you the protection you need, but will also help create an attractive environment for your staff to work in and your customers to eat.

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