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Concrete floors have joints from where the original slabs were poured. Depending on the specification of your project concrete joints may vary in size or not present at all. Over time as concrete wares, patches and striping might be required to keep it in top-performing condition. Concrete Fusion not only restores old slabs but also seals them so they last longer, are more durable and virtually indestructible. A floor restoration from Concrete Fusion keeps your flooring in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

Concrete Flooring Joints

Our staff has the skill and experience to provide a solution for the joints on your concrete floor. There are several approaches we can take depending on whether you are repairing and existing floor or installing a new one. Using elastomeric and rigid joint treatments our team achieves a professional finish. If you are looking to achieve joint strengthening we install joint backer rods for additional support. For areas that require flexibility, Concrete Fusion offers joint filling products that deliver flexible joints

Concrete Crack Repairs In Ottawa

When you notice cracks in your concrete floor it is important to repair them as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Ottawa concrete repair also helps eliminate safety hazards which put product, equipment and worker safety in jeopardy. Our team can repair cracked and damaged slabs and with an epoxy coating, they’ll never look better and have increased strength and performance as well.

There are few repair methods we use depending on the project and repair:
  • Moisture tolerant cementitious urethane
  • MMA mortar
  • Aggregate filled epoxy mortar
  • Thixotropic gelled epoxy concrete

Which product to use very much depends on the environment the floor is exposed to. Our customer service staff are ready to help if you need any assistance in choosing the right product for your floor repair.

Concrete Flooring Striping and Marking

One of the best features of our floors is that they are beautiful, strong and functional too. Concrete Fusion can install graphical inlays but not just in terms of logo’s and branding. Our borders clearly define walkways, parking lanes, and potential hazards. This increases safety and reduces liability for your facility. With our high-performance coatings, your floor and graphical inlays look amazing even in high traffic areas.


Concrete Fusion incorporates almost any design elements into your floor. Having fully customizable elements means you choose what matches your brand. Why not have your company logo or mission statement and draw customers or motivate workers by reminding them of the common goal.


For assistance call our customer service team. We answer all the question you might have about concrete joints, patches, and striping when it comes to concrete.

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