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Movie Theater Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

With the massive variation in food and drink that is offered at a movie theater it is difficult to find flooring that can cope with all the different types of spillages. Not with our wide ranging flooring options. Our floor systems have been designed to be easily cleaned and maintained no matter what id dropped on them. With our flooring it is easy to keep your environment look clean and attractive, so your customers are not distracted from enjoying the performance.

Epoxy Flooring for Protection against Spills and More

Concrete Fusion’s wide variety of floor systems means that not only can you protect your business against spillages and trodden in food, but also against the high volume of foot-traffic. Our floor systems have been specially designed to protect against the constant abrasion of foot-traffic. With low maintenance, and easily cleaned surfaces, your investment will look as good as new for many years.

Advantages of Epoxy Resin Coatings

Our epoxy resin coatings have been designed to offer protection and look good for many years with little maintenance required. There are innumerable benefits of choosing Concrete Fusion to install your floor, some of which are:

Waterproof— Our waterproof floor systems include an elastomeric underlayment for upper levels. This reduces bacterial and fungus build-up In the floor, and can save on expensive structural repairs.


Easy cleaning— Due to the waterproof properties of our epoxy floors, cleaning is quick and effortless. Any spilled fluid simply sits on top of the surface, so there is no need for heavy cleaning, saving on both time and cleaning expensive products.


High durability – Our epoxy resin coatings are designed to offer protection against ongoing foot and vehicle traffic. This along with its protection against fluids ensures that the floor remains looking as good as new.

Creating an Atmosphere with Epoxy Coatings

For entertainment venues atmosphere is all important. Concrete Fusion’s floor systems can help you create the right environment for your business. Our highly skilled staff will work with you to ensure that your design ideas are incorporated into your floor, along with the protection you require.

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