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Pumpable Flowing Self Leveling Concrete

There are two ways of using Self-Leveling Concrete: underlay and overlay. Self-leveling concrete is commonly known as a screed. Although there are technical differences the terms are used interchangeably. Self-leveling concrete is applied to concrete, wood or other sub-floors and when dried provides an incredible stongs and flat surface appropriate for applying finishing floors (hardwood, tile, carpet, etc.).

If your floor is uneven, has grooves/joints, or is heavily pitted, then using an underlayment is the preferred installation method. Underlayments deliver a finish that is ready to have a finishing floor on top of it. Depending on the product and application underlayments can be poured to a thickness of ~2”.


There are different types of overlayments that can be applied from a feather edge to up to 3 inches in depth. A finished overlayment surface can be polished, colored, or epoxied as required. Overlayments differ from underlayments in that overlayments can be used as a finished medium. Concrete Fusions installers are certified and trained by Ardex and Lafarge for installing their self-leveling cement. Being trained by the manufacturers of these products means our installers know the specifications and requirements for each product to ensure a long and lasting finish for our customers.


A smooth and level concrete floor is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about creating a surface that is uniform which creates a stronger bond, stronger floor, and a hazard-free environment. During product mixing, self-leveling concrete can be colored with dyes, or mixed with custom aggregates so that your floor can be customized both cosmetically and so that it conforms with the specifications of its specific usage.

Just One Call…For Your Turnkey Flooring Solution

  • Low maintenance
  • Super durable, long wearing finish
  • Bright, hi-gloss or satin finish
  • Turnkey installation w/ our crews
  • Fast turnaround
  • Best warranty
  • Textured finishes available
  • Low odors
  • Chemical resistance
  • Vapor mitigation underlayments

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