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Veterinary Office Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Veterinary environments require flooring that is able to be kept to the highest quality of hygiene. Our flooring choices offer protection against damage, while at the same time being quick and easy to keep clean with minimal effort.

Flooring Fit for Any Veterinary Office Area

Our floors have been designed to offer protection not just against damage a pet might cause, but also against the abuse that day-to-day routines that happen in a veterinary practice. In addition to abrasion protection, and anti-slip surfaces, or flooring protects against strong chemicals and cleaning products. We can also offer a high-performance electrostatic dissipative (ESD) flooring option for use in practices with sensitive equipment.

The types of businesses that have benefited from our flooring solutions are:
  • Private or public practice
  • Small or large clinic
  • General veterinary medicine
  • Specialty animal hospital
  • Referral animal facility
  • Emergency/critical care
  • Equine/mixed animal practice
  • Shopping/commercial center clinics
  • Universities/schools of veterinary medicine

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Our flooring choices help your business present the right image to your customers, by always being odorless, clean and safe.

There are a variety of areas within a veterinary practice that can benefit from our flooring:
  • Exam and treatment rooms
  • Triage and surgery rooms
  • Animal patient boarding areas
  • Electronic equipment and monitoring areas
  • ICU and isolation facilities
  • Hazardous medical waste storage spaces
  • Pharmaceutical storage areas
  • Reception areas
  • Break rooms, restrooms

Sanitary Flooring Options

The flooring systems we recommend for veterinary practices have a strong resistance to chemicals that may be used treating animals, along with protection against harsh cleaning products, even steam-cleaning. As our floors are seamless, there is nowhere to hide for bacteria and germs, so you can be assured that your floor is as hygienically clean as possible. All our veterinary recommended floor systems offer provide moisture mitigation protection. This is the perfect choice for practices that have an environment that is continually exposed to water. This protection is often used in a floor that is designed to have quick draining, so cleaning becomes quick and easy.

Veterinary Office Flooring Capabilities

Our choice of veterinary floor systems offers full protection for all your requirements:
  • Resistance against urine and animal waste
  • Seamless non-absorptive surfaces
  • Strong resistance against stains and odors
  • Monolithic surface with no heat-welded seams
  • Proven resistance against scratches, impact, and abrasion
  • Customizable degree of slip-resistance
  • Fast installation options

Budget-Friendly Flooring

We are confident that we can find a floor for you whatever your budget that provides you with the protection and look that you need. Our technicians will work with you from design to installation, and also supply you with cleaning and maintenance recommendations after they have finished.

To find out more about our Veterinary Flooring services for concrete floors,

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