A Short Guide to the Types of Concrete Floor Finishing
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A Short Guide to the Types of Concrete Floor Finishing

Feb 28, 2023 | Concrete Floor Finishing

For many fashionable homeowners, concrete flooring has become a popular choice. Concrete flooring is ideal for most house rooms since it is attractive and incredibly strong. It also requires relatively little upkeep. Ottawa offers a wide variety of concrete floor finishing options, which adds to its allure. Your concrete floor can be personalized with various stains, colours, and textures.

However, many homeowners also find themselves stuck due to the sheer variety and options available in concrete flooring. This guide to the many types of finishes for concrete floors is perfect if you’re thinking about installing concrete floors in your house or updating your current concrete floor finishes.

Concrete Floor Finishes

Sealed Concrete Flooring:

One of the most common homeowners’ options is having a sealed concrete floor. Your home will look more open and beautiful thanks to the reflecting brilliance of sealed concrete. Concrete sealants are helpful because they prevent your floor from absorbing moisture. To safeguard your concrete and avoid damage, it is always a good idea to use some sealant. Not only can you customize the type of finish you want, but you can also add elements like mosaics and tiles to make your floor really stand out. 

Polished Concrete Flooring:

While polished concrete can sometimes resemble sealed concrete, the procedure is more labour-intensive. High levels of durability are provided by polished concrete, and it is incredibly robust, great for high-traffic areas, and sturdy. Polished concrete is nearly impossible to chip or scratch. If you choose to have a polished concrete floor, you can customize the finish to suit your preferences. 

Regular Epoxy Flooring:

Another coating that is appropriate for concrete flooring in high-traffic areas is standard epoxy. Epoxy works best in enclosed spaces and has a uniform colour and glossy finish. Epoxy is also incredibly resilient to solvents and abrasion. It is a durable and cost-effective option that also lends aesthetic value to your home. 

Acid Stained/Etched Flooring:

An acid stain or etching can be the best option if you want a distinctive appearance to add character to your home. Because the acid reacts chemically with the concrete, acid stains have a unique appearance. Acid stains typically have earth tones as their primary colour. It is a method of finishing concrete that is exceptionally long-lasting and prevents fading, chipping, and peeling.

Water-Stained Flooring: 

Water-based stains give your floor a uniform colour throughout. They are easy to apply and work with but tend to provide a muted finish. It will be perfect if you seek muted tones to go with your colour vision for your home. You can choose from a wide variety of colours for water-based stains. And the best part is that applying water-based paint is relatively safe because it contains very few volatile organic components. 

Acrylic Sealed Flooring: 

In this type of concrete flooring, a film called an acrylic sealer is applied to the floor’s surface. It defends the concrete against moisture. These concrete sealers have a uniform colour and a range of sheens. However, acrylic sealers last less time than other sealers because they are a protective film. It could need to be repaired and regularly waxed.

Quick Stain Finishing: 

Quick stain resembles acid stain in appearance but has ingredients that are non-irritating during application. Quick stains are popular because they are convenient and environmentally friendly. 

Metallic Epoxy Finishing: 

Metallic epoxy resembles regular epoxy, giving your floors a lovely metallic sheen. It is also tough and scratch-resistant. Due to its aesthetic appeal and water-repellent properties, metallic epoxy is a preferred option among homeowners for basement floors.

Epoxy Quartz Sand

When it comes to concrete floor treatments, quartz sand epoxy provides the highest strength. Additionally, quartz sand has a pleasing appearance, is scratch-resistant, and has a smooth non-slip surface.

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