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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Acid Staining

Acid staining gives you excellent value for money and is probably the most economical of most flooring options. Whether it’s for your office, retail, or residential space, nothing quite compares to the sheer variation that can be achieved using acid staining.



• Infinite Color and Design Options- There is almost no limit to the designs you can make with acid staining, it can also be made to look like other materials such as marble.

• Endless Uses for Stained Concrete- If you have a concrete surface, then it can be stained, whether that’s for your bathroom, garage, or even your walls.

• Low Maintenance- A simple wipe of a mop or cloth with clean most dirt.

• Economical- Comparatively, one of the lowest cost ways of achieving a classy floor.

• Uniqueness- You can have a company logo or design of your choice integrated into your floor.

• Fluid Resistant Surface- Most liquids will just sit on top of the surface, so no staining.

• Environmentally Friendly- Probably the greenest of floor choices. With its insulating and heat retaining properties.

• Flood Resistant- Due to its non-porous qualities, cleaning up after a flood is quick and easy.

From small residential areas to large commercial and retail spaces, Concrete Fusion can offer you the choice for renovation or new flooring.

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