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Ambulance & EMS Building Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

EMS flooring not only need to offer protections against high levels of abrasion, impacts, and slippages, but needs to accommodate protection against damage caused by vehicles. Our floors provide that protection with their resistance against vehicle fluids and chemicals, even acids.

Flooring Requirements of Ambulance and EMS Buildings

Concrete Fusion’s high-performance floor systems can be installed quickly; they can often be ready for use within 1 day of the start of installation. This ensures that there is minimum disruption to the day-to-day activities that ambulance and EMS services provide.

While the EMS staff are out protection the public, our floor systems help protect them by offering:
  • Strong resistance against abrasion and impacts
  • High resistance to chemical spillage including vehicle fluids
  • Easily cleaned and maintained, with resistance against harsh cleaning products
  • High performance for heavy loads
  • Varying degrees of anti-slip surfaces
  • Optional antimicrobial surfaces offering protection against unwanted bacteria and germs
  • Static dissipative flooring to protect electronic, communication and medical equipment

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