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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Animal & Veterinary Flooring

Ottawa, Eastern Ontario- Animal & Veterinary Flooring Systems

Dependent on the animals and procedures, animal and veterinary flooring tend to have differing requirements. However, one requirement they all have is a floor system that offers protection against fluids, chemicals etc. and are easily cleaned and maintained. Concrete Fusion' stock of epoxy flooring systems for animal and veterinary environments is one of the largest available.

Sanitary Veterinary & Animal Flooring Systems

Other types of flooring, such as tiles, carpet, and wood, have joins that are porous and can harbor germs and bacteria. Our specially designed floor systems for veterinary and animal related businesses have no joins for bacteria to hide in, and are impervious to chemicals and cleaning products. When we install a floor for kennels, or other outside environments, we look to implement an imperceptible slope in the floor, so that any fluid naturally flows towards drainage. The floor surface is made up of our moisture mitigating product, and can incorporate an antimicrobial resistance for additional protection. The flooring is installed floor to wall, with no joins meaning it can be simply hosed down when required.

Reliable Animal & Veterinary Flooring Solutions

Veterinary floor coating systems need to be both abrasive resistant, yet kind to paws, hooves, etc. All the floors we recommend for this type of environment offer strength and durability. However, we understand that hygiene is also a high priority for clients in this industry, so our floors offer the right balance between protection and cleanability.
Veterinary Flooring
Animal Flooring

Our specialized animal and veterinary floor systems have the following benefits:

  • EPA-registered antimicrobial flooring available
  • Resistance to chemical, acid and alkali
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Impermeable to animal waste
  • Low odor flooring
  • Customized degree of slip-resistant finish
  • Resistant to harsh disinfectants and sanitizers
  • Allows for Steam-cleaning
  • Solvent-resistant and betadine-resistant topcoat selection
  • Abrasion, scratch and puncture-resistant options
  • Options available for Moisture-mitigating and waterproofing
  • Large selection of standard or custom colors, blends, patterns, and textures
  • Optional company or organization logo embedded in floor

Custom Veterinary Floor Coating Systems, Reliable Low Prices

Every business has a unique set of requirements for their flooring. That is why Concrete Fusion custom design each floor so you end up with the floor you want. Our highly experienced and skilled technical staff will ensure that your floor is professionally installed, incorporating any anti-slip, decoration, and finish you want. Concrete Fusion is a privately owned company, and we ensure that all our processes are as lean as they can be, so that we can pass our savings on to you. This means that you can have that beautifully designed floor that meets your business needs at a cost that you can afford.