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Anti-microbial Epoxy Coatings

There is a constant battle against bacteria as it becomes resistant to standard treatments and cleaning techniques. That is why many industries require more protection, especially when producing a product for human consumption. Concrete Fusion uses the latest and most effective antimicrobial additives in our epoxy and resins so you get a floor that passes inspection and meets regulation standards.

Environments that require high standards of sanitation and hygiene, a Concret Fusion flooring system helps limit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.


Anti-microbial coatins are suitable for:
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Clean rooms and research laboratories
  • Food and beverage processing plants
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Perishable goods storage operations
  • Locker and shower rooms

These types of environments require superior protection against bacteria, mold and other germs. Concrete Fusion delivers floors that help keep research, food, medicines and people safe.


Our antimicrobial epoxy flooring doesn’t just give surface protection, it is embedded throughout the entire epoxy coating. Floors are protected not just on the surface but throughout the entire layer.


Antimicrobial additives can be installed in almost every commercial and industrial flooring system. Their compatibility has made them a staple in urethane mortar formulas. By including the additive during the manufacturing process it increases safety and reduces costs. Unlike other products that are applied after the floor is installed (to just the surface), our coating is throughout the entire top layer and that’s why epoxy is one of the best performing floor products when it comes to protection from microbes.

Safe, Sanitary and Durable

Concrete Fusion’s antimicrobial flooring is perfectly safe for any environment; it is non-metallic and odor free. Epoxy isn’t the only flooring system to offer this protection. Polyaspartic, polyurethane and other systems can have this feature. The best part is that little maintenance is required and it is so easy to clean that a wipe and some mild detergent is often all you need.


Concrete Fusion works with you to understand the requirements of your building and facility. We are here to offer expert advice as to which epoxy would best suit the environment you work in. We can find a suitable top coat that matches the use and the budget. Give us a call and we can start formulating the perfect floor system that saves money through maintenance and productivity.

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