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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Aviation & Transportation Industry Flooring

Aviation & Transportation Industry Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Floors in the transportation industry need to be the toughest possible. With the extreme high-volume of foot and vehicle traffic, they receive a massive amount of punishment from abrasion and impacts. Despite their practicality, they are often beautiful to look at with incredible looking designs.
Airplane Hangar Belleville Epoxy

Some of the benefits that come with our floors are:

  • Highly customizable design finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Strong durability leading to long lifetimes
  • Ability to incorporate almost any colour or design you can think of
  • Variable anti-slip surfaces
  • Seamless wall to cove floors
  • Optional antimicrobial protection

Floor Coating Systems for Concrete and More

Whatever the type of vehicle traffic, be it planes, trains, cars, or bikes, these vehicles require regular maintenance. This means that the floor receives a lot of punishment in the form of abrasion, impacts, oils, solvents, and other chemicals. If this protection isn’t in place, then the result can be a floor with stains, cracks, and other damage. Concrete Fusion can offer non-porous, anti-slip floor systems that have the protection you need, and can also incorporate an aesthetically pleasing design.

Decorative Flooring for Heavy Foot Traffic

Floors in airports, train and bus depots, and car-hire facilities all have heavy foot-traffic, meaning they get punished by high heels, dragged luggage, spilled food and drink, and general abrasion. Our choice of floor systems has been designed with these factors in mind. But, they not only offer you the protection you need, but can also look beautiful. Floor surfaces that receive heavy public foot traffic also need an element of slip resistance built into them. Concrete Fusions flooring can customize the degree of anti-slip that you require. The floors can also incorporate your company logo or design, patterns, and delineated walkways. All our floors are designed to be easily cleaned and have low maintenance. They are resistant to strong cleaning products, and even steam-cleaning if required.