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Aviation & Transportation Industry Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Floors in the transportation industry need to be the tough enough to withstand the massive weight from trucks, buses and airplanes. With the extreme high-volume of foot and vehicle traffic, they receive a massive amount of stress from the sheer weight they withstand. Our floors are designed to withstand the extreme load from an airplane while being incredible to look at and very low maintenance.

Some of the benefits that come with our floors are:
  • Highly customizable design finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Strong durability and long lasting
  • Customized design, graphics and inlays available
  • Variable anti-slip surfaces
  • Seamless wall to cove floors
  • Puncture and impact resistant
  • Oil & hydraulic fluids don’t stain

Floor Coating Systems for Concrete and More

Our floors can withstand traffic from planes, trains, cars, forklifts and bikes. Aviation hangars provide an environment to perform regular maintenance on vehicles like these. The heavy loads put the floor under extreme stress. Also, works can drop tools and spill oil and other hydraulic fluid. That’s why epoxy floors are a great choice for the aviation and transportation industry. The strength of the chemical epoxy is strong enough to withstand the loads and spills are easily cleaned thanks to the non-porous surface coat.


Worker comfort and safety is very important too. Cracks in concrete present tripping hazards and opportunities for trolly wheels to get stick in. With a simple addition to the concrete coating, we can turn your floor into a high friction anti-slip surface that ensures worker safety. All this and one of the best looking floors available on the market. To learn more about hanger flooring systems please give our sales team a call today.

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    Decorative Flooring for Heavy Foot Traffic

    Floors in airports, train stations, bus depots, and car-hire facilities all have heavy foot-traffic, meaning they get punished by shoes, heels, luggage, spilled food and drink, and general abrasion. Concrete Fusion floors systems are designed to withstand all these factors but they don’t stop at protection because they are also very stylish and too.


    Public areas with heavy foot traffic need some kind of slip resistance to increase the safety of your facility. Concrete Fusion’s floors are fully customizable so your top coat can have the amount of friction you need. Our floors can incorporate your company logo or functional graphics informing guests where to queue, buy tickets, or find the washrooms. Epoxy flooring is naturally low maintenance and are incredibly resistant to stains and very easy to clean. Its not wonder why epoxy flooring is the most popular choice for new buildings and retrofit buildings too.

    To find out more about our aviation & transportation flooring services for concrete floors,

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