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Current school cafeterias are a long way from the industrial-look dining halls of years gone by. Not only do they offer a clean, pleasant environment for students to meet up and eat, they are now often used to extra-curricular activities. This means that they need to be resistant to a wide variety of functions. Concrete Fusion can offer a floor system that will give you this protection, no matter the activity, with a finish that is both beautiful to look at and easy to keep clean and maintain.

Health & Safety Considerations

Accommodating the health and safety aspects of a cafeteria floor while still keeping an aesthetically pleasing look can be a challenge.

The surface needs to offer protection:
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • EPA compliant Germ and bacteria resistant
  • Seamless to reduce areas where germs and bacteria can grow
  • Moisture mitigation and waterproof surfaces
  • Chemical and impact resistance
  • Low emission and out gassing installation
  • Durability against high volumes of foot-traffic

Concrete Fusion is able to incorporate all this protection and still provide a floor finish that helps create a pleasant environment.

Aesthetics for Cafeteria Flooring

Once you have decided on the protection you require, then our expert staff will work with you to create a final finish that compliments your design.

  • Solid colour with varying shades
  • Decorative chip or quartz blend
  • Metallic powder finish
  • Company logos and patterns can be incorporated into the floor
  • Variable degree if reflectivity

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