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Polished Concrete Flooring For Cannabis Growing & Retail Facilities

With the recent boom in legal cannabis there is a high demand in Ontario for durable and hygienic floors that help your business grow. Concrete Fusion recognizes the need to durable, clean and works with cannabis growers and retailers to make sure you have the best flooring options available.

Cannabis Retail Store Flooring

Retail locations selling cannabis and marijuana products need to be hip, trendy, modern and clean. People expect surgical cleanliness when buying cannabis from a retail store. Polished concrete, stainless steel, and glass are all great decorating options when choosing how to design your retail cannabis store. Concrete Fusion can install a clean, durable and modern floor option that is customized with your logo or functional design element informing customers where to line up or transact. We usually complete retail stores in a single day so business will be back up and running in no time. Once dry, our 100% solid products have virtually no smell which means your customers can enjoy the natural smell they came for.

Health Canada Cannabis Growing Requirements

Health Canada sets forth strenuous requirements if you wish to license your growing facility for commercial use. Health Canada states that facilities must be free of microbes and chemicals. Concrete Fusion can install 100% Solid (No VOC) with an anti-microbial top coat to help keep your facility in line. In order to obtain a growing license, you will have to be inspected by Health Canada. Either scheduled or unannounced it is best to be compliant to avoid fines and lost business. Concrete Fusion floors are guaranteed to be compliant with the ACMPR, FDA, CDSA and all its regulations.

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Concrete Fusion Flooring Benefits For Cannabis Growing

Bacteria, Dirt Free Floors

Regular floors offer opportunities for insects, dirt, microbes, and fungi to get trapped and regular cleaning is difficult to remove them. Coated concrete has a smooth monolithic surface that is free of any crevices where bacteria and other grime can hide.

Easy To Clean

In the event you had some kind of contamination, Concrete Fusion polished concrete floors are very easy to clean. Some mild detergent and a pressurized hose or mop are all you need to sanitize your cannabis facility flooring.

Reflective Floors

The reflective shine of epoxy coatings helps to enhance optimal growing conditions in your facility. The more ambient light the better the plants will grow. Polished concrete flooring options pay for themselves over time by enhancing the amount of UV your plants receive.

Moisture Resistant & Anti-Microbial

Our floors are seamless which means water can’t penetrate to the top layer. Considering how much water and humidity is required to grow cannabis indoors it is no wonder why the biggest growing companies in Canada are choosing floor from us. When combined with an anti-slip coating, there is added safety for workers too.

Retrofit Concrete Floors for Cannabis Grow Operations In Ontario

Most commercial and industrial facilities will have concrete slab foundations and floors. We can work with existing structures and renovate them so you get all the advantages polished concrete offers your grow op. Our process includes resurfacing your old slab of concrete and repairing any cracks with a strong mortar. When we add our epoxy, polymer and polyaspartic coatings (depending on your project) you have a brand new floor that is ready to grow and conduct business.

Cannabis / Marijuana Flooring Specification
  • Non-toxic & VOC Compliant
  • Fast installations up to 10,000 square feet per day
  • Will Not Discolour
  • No Delamination
  • Low odor flooring
  • Resistant to harsh disinfectants and sanitizers
  • Options available for Moisture-mitigating and waterproofing
  • Large selection of standard or custom colors, blends, patterns, and textures

Concrete Fusion has a wide range of polished concrete flooring options suitable for pharmaceuticals, food processing, commercial facilities, and warehouses. Our epoxy top coating systems can be customized to each customer’s specific requirements. Admixtures can be created to meet safety requirements (anti-slip), protect equipment (anti-static), and enhanced durability for heavy vehicle traffic.For more information about installing an epoxy coated polished concrete floor in your cannabis or marijuana growing facility please call our sales team today.

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