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Canada Food Inspection Agency Approved Floors

If your business involves food and beverage preparation, then your facility requires flooring that is CFIA approved to meet government standards. Not complying with hygiene regulations puts your product and customers at risk from dangerous mold and bacteria that can grow in grout and floor seams. Our epoxy flooring meet all of the Canadian Foor Inspection Agency (CFIA) requirements so you can rest assured your kitchen will pass inspections.

Customizable For Your Needs

Installing a floor that meets CFIA requirements means you have a wide variety of choice in the aesthetics and design of your floor. You can choose solid colors, no colors, flake application and even include graphical inlays to inform employees about storage areas and potential hazards.


Our high-performance floors are tough to deal with the busiest industrial kitchen. Concrete Fusion helps protect against spilled fats, acids, blood, oils, alkalines, and cleaning chemicals.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Since our epoxy flooring are one giant sheet of epoxy there are no seams. Floors with grout and tiling systems have joints that provide an opportunity for dirt and bacteria to hide and increases cleaning difficulty. With our floor to wall coving your facility can be hosed down with cleaning chemicals, leaving the food preparation area clean and sanitary for the next shift. Have a cleaner, safer operation while reducing labor and the maintenance required to keep your food safe.

Concrete Fusion floor can offer your school more:
  • Commercial and institutional kitchens
  • Food processors and packagers
  • Restaurants and fast food operations
  • Hospitality and recreational venues
  • Grocery and specialty food stores
  • Meat and poultry processing
  • Dairy production and processing
  • Beverage production and bottling

More Practical Benefits of a Concrete Fusion Floor

We work with your company to get the right floor that suits your needs, and industry regulations. We deliver CFIA approved floors as required and can make other customizations like increasing friction to aid with anti-slip safety or incorporating ESD coatings to prevent an electric shock from damaging expensive equipment. With Concrete Fusion you get all-round protection customized to your needs and a beautiful floor too.

Some of the options we offer are:
  • Anti-slip
  • Chemical & solvent resistant
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Acid and alkali resistant cementitious urethane finishes
New Self Leveling Screed

Contact us to learn more!

Our sales staff and professional and trained in every product we offer. Call us to find out what options are suitable for your industry and we will deliver a floor that is built to your exact specification. We can walk you through the sales process and explain the process of customizing your Ottawa epoxy flooring today. We are located in Ottawa Ontario but our team can travel to any site within Eastern Ontario.

To find out more about CFIA Approved Epoxy Flooring & Coatings,

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