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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Chemical Resistant Flooring & Coatings

Without the proper protection, all concrete floors are porous. This means that water, chemicals, and in fact almost any liquid can seep into the concrete creating ugly stains, damage, and breed germs.

Concrete Fusion has a full line of moisture resistant, including chemical floorings and coverings. Our floor systems ensure that both the concrete and the surrounding environment are kept safe, and easy to maintain.

Facility Safety and Environmental Responsibility

We are able to install a floor system that has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial environments. The systems are impervious to almost any chemical and liquid. Not only are these floor-coverings both strong and durable, but by incorporating your own design, they can also look beautiful.

Our high-performance chemical resistant floor systems are designed with easy maintenance in mind, making hazardous material spillage easy to clean up. Our environmentally friendly floor systems come with the following benefits:

• Concentrated acid and alkali resistant

• Coatings that are resistant to solvents

• Protection from vehicle fluids, fuels, grease and oils

• Resistance to a broad spectrum of industrial chemicals

• Resistance tires and betadine stains

• Skid resistance to a customized degree

• Floors that meet CFIA requirements

• Optional inclusion of antimicrobial protection

• Moisture vapor mitigation proof

Powerful Performance, Beautiful Finishes

With Concrete Fusion you aren’t forced to choose between functionality and aesthetics. Your floor can incorporate all the protection you require and look beautiful too. Some of the finishes we can offer are:

• Solid colour

• Decorative chip or quartz blend

• Metallic powder finish

• Company logos and patterns can be incorporated into the floor

Every single floor system installed by Concrete Fusion offers protection against chemical spillage, these specialized systems offer you additional cover against extreme chemical damage. Contact our knowledgeable, friendly staff today so they can help you choose which floor is right for you.