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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Coatings & Adhesive Removal

Professionally Remove Adhesive & Glue From Concrete

When removing old floor coverings like carpet, tile and vinyl their is usually adhesive and glue left behind. This can be a very difficult process but having a clean and well prepared surface is an important step to ensure your next floor has a high quality finish. In our line of work preparing the concrete surface is 90% of the work we do. Proper surface preparation is the most important step to achieve a high quality epoxy finish that won’t delaminate, crack or peel. Industrial glues and adhesives are difficult to remove without chemicals and diamond grinding machines. Removing old floor coverings can be an almost impossible task to do yourself. Concrete Fusion has many years of experience using the newest industrial equipment to ensure the concrete floor is left in a clean condition ready for acid staining, concrete polishing, or a new coating.

Concrete Fusion has the industrial strength tools required to resurface any concrete surface. Most products can be removed with a diamond polishing resurfacer but in more isolated cases we can use chemical products to remove anything that was left behind. For a professional floor that looks amazing for years to come preparing the old surface is very important. If your old floor’s left a nasty surprise underneath then call Concrete Fusion to deliver professional decorative concrete finishes that are guaranteed to last. Our professional sales team is standing by to assist you now.

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