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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Cold Temperature Flooring Installation

Concrete Fusion Gives You Options

Most concrete floor systems are not recommended to be used in cold temperatures. This is because to cure properly, concrete and resins usually need to be at room temperature. We understand that you may not be able to adjust the temperature of your environment for our installation. Concrete Fusion can offer a range of high-performance flooring system options that have been specifically designed to be installed at low temperatures.

We stock many lines of high-performance resins for installation in low temperature, even down to -20 degrees Celsius. And, just because it’s been designed for low temperature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice strength and durability. Our cold-flooring systems are as strong as our normal flooring options, they just give you added choice.

If required, we can also offer anti-slip, sloped, and cove basing options to our cold temperature flooring systems, suitable for:

• Walk-in freezers and coolers

• Food and beverage processing facilities

• Commercial and industrial cold storage operations

• New construction in unheated buildings

Concrete slab showing signs of damage and wear?

As with other more standard concrete flooring, Concrete Fusion can also offer the same level of repair options. Damaged slabs can often be repaired prior to a new coating saving on time and expense.