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Flooring Systems for Medical Clinics | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Similar to hospitals, medical clinics require a floor system that is able to offer protection against some challenging activities. The floors in these facilities need to be able to withstand extremely high levels of foot-traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Concrete Fusion can offer a wide range of flooring solutions that will meet your requirements in every way.

High Performance Solutions for Clinic Flooring

Our floor systems are not only designed to offer protection that is needed within these environments, but can also help with reducing costs. Our high-performance floors require less time and cleaning products to keep the high level of hygiene required, without compromising health and safety.

The list of benefits that comes from choosing a floor system from Concrete Fusion is almost endless, but some of the health and safety benefits include:
  • Impervious finishes that repel hazardous liquids such as bodily fluids, medications and disinfectants, while allowing for easy and safe cleaning
  • Options for adding bacteria-free properties
  • Full range of slip-resistance to suit your needs
  • Superb performance in aseptic and non-aseptic environments
  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial throughout
  • Formaldehyde-free for added safety
  • Puncture and impact resistance to help prevent cuts and indentations from sharp instruments
  • Low to zero VOCs during installation and completely inert, with no emissions, after full cure
  • Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) options for areas with sensitive or electronic equipment
  • Solutions for slab-on-grade structures with high moisture and moisture-vapor issues
  • Ability to withstand heavy foot, rubber wheel and steel wheel traffic
  • Integral cove base and optional slope-to-drain options

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Durability and Beauty in One Floor Coating

Our floor systems not only offer the protection and value for money for your facility, but are flexible enough to be used for a multitude of functions. This allows you the flexibility of using space for different activities safe in the knowledge that your floor will offer the protection you need. But it’s not all about health and safety.

There is no need to compromise on the look and feel of your floor just because it needs to offer high levels of protection. Our expert staff can work with you to create the design that you want

We have an extensive range of decorative finishes for our floor systems that include:
  • Stock and custom colors and blends
  • Expert color-matching ability, often with no extra cost
  • Quartz and chip blends, plus metallic “faux stain” options
  • Flexible design of patterns, directional messages and floor

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Medical Clinics,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request