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Commercial Laundry Room Flooring

Commercial Laundry Room Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Laundry rooms are found in a large variety of facility buildings. Concrete Fusion can offer a floor system that has been specially designed to work well in these environments:

• Hospitals

• Prisons

• Hotels

• Schools

• Laundromats and commercial laundry services

Considerations for Laundry Room Floors

Just because laundry rooms have the same function doesn’t mean that they are all used in the same way. Our expert technical staff will work with you to ascertain exactly what floor finishing options you need for your facility. The difference in what types of detergents and cleaning products are used can have an effect of the levels of protection your floor needs.

The floors that we recommend for use in Laundry facilities all offer protection against:

• Steam, moisture, heat

• Very high traffic – foot and carts/ bins

• Vibration from heavy equipment

• Harsh chemical degreasers, detergents and sanitizers

• Heavy loads and impact

• Abrasion from rubber or steel wheels