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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Commercial & Retail Flooring

Commercial & Retail Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Commercial and retail flooring doesn’t have to be ugly to be functional. With Concrete Fusion’s choice of floor systems you can have both a highly functional floor that meets all your protective requirements, and one that is beautiful to look at. We can offer a wide range of flooring that provides protection against the most punishing of commercial and retails activities. These floor are easy to clean, and have low maintenance, but still have the durability to last for many years.
Boutique Flooring

Customizable Commercial Flooring Systems

Concrete Fusion can customize your floor to your exact requirements. We are able to ensure that your floor is unique to you with specialized designs, discrete area markings, messages, logos, colors, textures, and the list goes on. There is almost no limit to the design elements you can have.

Long-term Protection for Retail Concrete Floors

Shopping areas have two conditions that are continuously fighting against each other: A high volume of foot-traffic, and the need to keep a floor looking clean and attractive. Without the right floor coating, a floor can quickly become stained and damaged, forcing areas to be closed off for repair. Concrete Fusion offers a wide variety of floor finishes that have been specifically designed to withstand high-volume daily foot-traffic. We even have finishes that are low odor and fast curing. This means that we can turnaround a floor repair or installation with the minimal of interruption to your business. Our range of finishes ensures that not only is cleaning and maintenance quick and easy, but your floor will remain to look beautiful for many years to come.