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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Concrete Flooring Crack Repair

Not all concrete floor installations are carried out with the same professional skill as at Concrete Fusion. If the coating of a floor has been applied incorrectly, or not at all, then the floor will soon start to deteriorate. Even if the coating has been expertly installed, it is possible for a floor to deteriorate due to repeated heavy impacts or continuous exposure to chemicals.

Concrete Fusion carries a full range of repair systems for a wide variety of concrete floor types. These allow your floor to be repaired quickly and efficiently restoring the integrity of the surface.

Floor Surface Repair Systems

Our expert staff will assess your floor surface to identify what the damage is, how it has been caused, and what is needed to repair it. Every environment is unique, and it is the job of our technicians to find the best solution for you in the most economical way.

Our quality repair kits offer:

• Concrete flooring crack repair materials that are CFIA approved

• Optional antimicrobial protection

• Materials that are quick to cure

• Systems that are moisture resistant

• Resistance against chemicals and abrasion

• Gelled patch kits that can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces

• Cold temperature installation repair materials available

Preventative Maintenance

It is essential that the slab surface of a floor is prepared properly by ensuring that any cracks and breeches are filled and repaired prior to the installation of one of our high-performance floor systems.

We always recommend that a few repair kits are kept locally allowing you to address any problems as soon as they are identified. This means that any minor issues won’t get the chance to become major problems.

For help in choosing which product is best for your floor, then contact our expert, friendly staff.