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Concrete Floors can become unlevel for a number of reasons. Uneven surfaces cause problems if you wish to lay stone, wood or tile over an uneven floor. Uneven flooring creates hazardous working environments which put workers, equipment, and products at risk. Concrete Fusion offer numerous floor leveling services.

Pouring a liquid screed overlay on top of an uneven concrete floor is an affordable and lasting option. Some times this type of leveling isn’t available and the floor needs to brought down mechanically (by grinding/removing concrete). Concrete Fusion turns uneven concrete floors into safe, hazard free environments that are ready to have a finishing floor installed on top. With such a gorgeous medium as concrete perhaps you would rather polish, acid stain or epoxy coat the floor too.


Concrete Fusion has industrial strength tools that are capable of resurfacing even the largest of concrete slabs. Our team will assess your site and determine the best approach to deliver a level floor. The 2 most common floor leveling techniques are pouring a self-leveling liquid screed or grinding the concrete with diamond tooling. For more information about which solution is right for your application call our customer service team today to book an on-site consultation today.

Just One Call…For Your Turnkey Flooring Solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Super durable, long wearing finish
  • Bright, hi-gloss or satin finish
  • Turnkey installation w/ our crews
  • Fast turnaround
  • Best warranty
  • Textured finishes available
  • Low odors
  • Chemical resistance
  • Vapor mitigation underlayments

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