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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Crack Chasing & Joint Filling

As large areas of concrete floors are poured contractors pour them in smaller sections to improve the quality of the final product. This process leaves the joints you see in concrete warehouse flooring. Often these joints need to be filled as they create seams where dirt can collect, tripping hazards and obstacles that make rolling carts over more difficult.

When a concrete finishing company like Concrete Fusion comes in we need to fill the cracks to make a smooth and level surface suitable for a finishing product like epoxy coatings. Our professional installers have years of experience filling concrete joints in preparation for the finish. We use only the highest quality epoxy and polyurea resins to ensure a long-lasting and trouble-free floor for years to come. For more information about concrete foundation crack and joint filling services please call our expert customer service team who are waiting to answer any questions you may have. We work in Ottawa and across Eastern Ontario delivering only the highest quality and affordable concrete coating systems.

Crack Chasing