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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Decorative Concrete

Many people think that concrete is a plain and boring floor finish. Well, it doesn’t have to be. The finishes available for concrete floors are endless, you can have different patterns, textures, colors, or even a unique design incorporated into your finished concrete floor.

By using stains, dyes, or overlays, it is a simple and inexpensive way to add something special to a room. These can be applied to your existing floor, and if it’s in a poor condition, then an overlay can be used to bring new life and color to it.


Acid Staining or Dyeing

If you’re looking for a finish that looks like granite or marble, then this is the choice for you.

Smooth and Texture Stamping Concrete

Stamping refers to imprinting the concrete with a pattern. This can be wood grain or a high-gloss finish.

Engraving and Antiquing Concrete

If you’re looking for a brick or tile look, then this can be done using this method. The finish can look like tiles or brick.

Tiling Patterns

To further add to a tile look, we can even add grouting lines to your concrete floor.


There isn’t anywhere that you can’t use concrete for flooring:

• Residential homes

• Lofts, apartments, and condos

• Retail spaces

• Showrooms

• Commercial offices

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

1. Green – Often all that’s needed is concrete, and it will last longer than any other material.

2. Low Maintenance – Usually just wipe clean, and reseal (if needed) every 5 years

3. Affordable – Comparatively low cost compared to tile and wood

4. Durable – With care it will last a lifetime

5. Versatile – Infinite design options

Decorative Concrete