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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Decorative Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

Concrete Fusion’s quartz, chip blends, and metallic help to create a floor that is unique and beautiful to look at. While being durable enough to withstand high foot traffic or heavy loads.

Quartz, Chip Blends & Metallics

Reducing the cost while delivering a high-quality finish can be achieved using our innovative coloured chip blends. These floors give the look of traditional terrazzo floors at a fraction of the cost, and with a lot less maintenance required. If you need the strength and durability of an aggregate filled floor, then an alternative can be our quartz blend and resin solution that also gives the benefit of a beautiful looking floor.

If you’re looking for an organic quality for your stained or polished concrete floor, then Concrete Fusion’s metallic flooring could be the answer. While normal staining will suffer from wear and tear, and loss of colour, metallic powder floor coating systems provide a durable finish due to the industrial –grade resin and mineral aggregate.

Car Showroom Flooring

Heavy Duty Durable Epoxy Floor Coatings

High performance doesn’t have to mean ugly. Our epoxy floor coating systems are available in an almost endless variety of colour and design. The component materials that go into our resins provide impact resistance and durability mean you can have a tough long-lasting floor that also looks beautiful.

Additional Benefits of Concrete Fusion’s Decorative Floor Coating Systems

Whether it’s an epoxy floor coating system, MMA and polyaspartics, or cementitious urethanes, Concrete Fusion can provide an aesthetically pleasing floor with added benefits:

• Finishes for high-traffic areas with long durability

• Ideal for heavy foot and vehicle traffic

• Fast-curing, meaning quick installations

• Minimal maintenance

• Antimicrobial protection available

• Reduction of moisture vapor

• Anti-slip options that also look beautiful

• Pattern and flooring design options, ideal for designating traffic lanes and dividing your floor space

• Able to incorporate your company logo into the floor

These are just some of the benefits when choosing a Concrete Fusion floor, endless choices for endless applications.