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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Educational Institution Flooring

Educational Institution Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Schools and educational facilities require a floor system that can withstand constant, daily high volumes of foot-traffic. Concrete Fusion can offer a wide variety of flooring finishes that provide protection against this foot-traffic and also bring an aesthetically pleasing look to your facility.

Adaptable Educational Institution Flooring that Makes the Grade

We are all aware of how important the environment is in creating the right atmosphere for learning. Concrete Fusion can offer a completely customizable floor system that will fit into your existing design. We can build our floors to incorporate soft muted tones, promoting concentration, or bright colourful ones for environments that require more energy from the students.

The Benefits of Quality Educational Institution Coating Systems

There are a wide variety of options to choose from when considering a floor for an educational institution. From keeping your floor clean, protecting against daily punishment, to ensuring the looks as good as new for as long as possible, our floors can offer you that and more:

• High abrasion resistance against high-volume foot-traffic

• Impressive impact and puncture resistance

• Customizable slip resistance

• Easy, fast cleaning

• Low maintenance

• Strong resistance against harsh cleaning chemicals and disinfectants

• Custom colors, blends, floor markings and logos

• Optional antimicrobial floors

The Science of Quality Educational Institution Flooring

Educational laboratories, metal and woodwork rooms, and equipment storage areas each require their own specific protection properties. Concrete Fusion can provide the variety of that protection within the same floor system.