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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions


In order to ensure the best result, we use the best and latest equipment available. Whether it’s using our concrete grinders, scarifiers, and shavers for repair and preparation, or our equipment for applying finishes, you can be assured of a professional result.
Epoxy Coatings Equipment

Grinding Machines- We use this equipment to strip glues, paints, epoxy coatings, floor sealers and any other materials that are difficult to remove.

Scarifyers and Shavers – These are used to level uneven floors, and to fix problems with spalled or pitted floors. They are also used to reduce the level of floors where required.

Pressure Washers – These are used to remove surface dirt and paint from existing concrete floors.

Sandblasters – We use these to remove chemical and other tough stains. They are also used to create an anti-slip surface.

Whatever your requirements are, if it’s to do with concrete, then we have the experienced staff and equipment to provide a professional finish for you. No job is too big, or too small for us to consider.