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In order to ensure the best results for our clients, we use the best and latest equipment available to industrial concrete finishers. Our team is sent for frequent product and machine training to continually learn about the latest techniques and machines to increase performance and productivity. Hiring the right team for the right job keeps your projects affordable. We have smaller tools for residential jobs and more industrious machines for warehouses and larger square foot projects. With Concrete Fusion you are going to get professional looking and long-lasting concrete flooring.


Grinding Machines

We use this equipment to strip glues, paints, epoxy coatings, floor sealers and any other materials that are difficult to remove.

Scarifyers and Floor Shavers

These are used to level uneven floors when flowing screed isn’t an option, and to fix problems with spalled or pitted floors. They are also used to quickly reduce the height of floors in certain areas.

Pressure Washers

These are used to remove surface dirt and paint from existing concrete floors. Used mainly during surface preparation to help with floor performance and adhesion.


We usually use shot blasters. These shoot metal beads at the floor and remove dirt, chemicals, and unwanted stains. Shotblasters are excellent for cleaning concrete surfaces that are pitted or uneven. They are also useful for creating high friction anti-slip surfaces.

If you need anything done involving concrete our experienced staff can help answer your questions about the services we offer. No job is too big or too small for Concrete Fusion and we travel to any job site within Eastern Ontario. Hire the concrete floor specialist that delivers results on time and on budget.

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