Protect Equipment & Product With ESD Protective Floors
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Protect Equipment & Product With ESD Protective Floors

Jan 15, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Electrostatic Discharge Protective Epoxy Flooring


Protect Equipment & Products With ESD Floors From Concrete Fusion


Electrostatic discharge is a problem for many businesses as facility equipment and products can be damaged by the sudden discharge of electricity.  Even a small ESD not detectable by the human body can damage sensitive electronic equipment. To keep productivity high, increase profits, and manufacture reliable products ESD flooring is a valuable investment.


Risks of Electrostatic Discharge & Damage


Electrostatic discharges can damage sensitive electrical equipment, damage the products you manufacture or be the ignition source when working around flammable chemicals.  By installing an ESD floor the electricity that builds up as we walk around is quickly dispersed into the ground. Investing in ESD flooring systems improve worker, facility and product safety and our flooring solutions can be seen in the following industries:


  • Oil & gas processing
  • Ammunition manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Scientific research labs
  • Microprocessor manufacturing
  • Medical facilities


ESD flooring can be integrated by grounding workers or equipment through contact with the floor.  By applying an ESD top coating to your concrete floor a conductive material is added to the epoxy admixture.  By introducing conductive material across the floors surface it allows electrons to disperse across the whole area.  In conjunction with connecting your floor to a grounding post the static is quickly eliminated preventing build up of static electricity. 


Eliminate Electrostatic Discharge With Epoxy Coatings


To achieve the ESD protection using epoxy floor coating we need to add conductive materials to the resin.  ESD coatings can be combined with numerous resins, epoxies and urethane making the ESD feature compatible with many kinds of flooring systems and requirements. Conductive floors have reduced resistance and quickly dissipate the charge to the ground preventing accidental discharges.  


Schedule a visit from the Concrete Fusion ESD flooring experts to determine if your floor meets the requirements to install this system.  Partnering with us is an excellent way to control electrostatic discharge. Our products work with many coating systems to suit your facilities traffic, chemical exposure and use.  


Book your free on-site visit for electrostatic discharge floor solutions. 



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