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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Extra Heavy Duty Flooring & Coatings

Almost all industrial and commercial properties have at least one environment that is subjected to high traffic, heavy loads, or impacts. Unless the right protective floor system is installed, then these floors will soon become damaged requiring costly repair.

Concrete Fusion offer a range of floor systems specifically designed for these environments. These types of flooring offer high protection and long lasting durability against a variety of uses.

Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring & Other Coatings

Installing a concrete flooring system is a substantial cost, and if it isn’t done right, or the wrong choice of coating is used, then it undermines the whole environment. An average concrete floor cannot withstand continual heavy traffic or impacts without damage occurring.

Concrete Fusion’s expert staff will help you choose the right product to suit your environment requirements, and suit your budget. We stock a range of products that are hard to beat in variety and price. Our products have proven their strength and durability time and time again. Some of the benefits of choosing Concrete Fusion for floors requiring a heavy duty coating are:

• Exceptionally high compressive strength

• Coatings that are impact resistant

• Systems with aluminum oxide content that are abrasion resistant

• Epoxy and steel aggregate component flooring

• All of our products meet CFIA requirements

• Optional Antimicrobial protection

• Optional Moisture vapor mitigation available for some of our products