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Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring & Other Coatings

Industrial and commercial facilities have floor surfaces that experience high load volume from equipment, machinery and vehicle traffic. Concrete Fusion can formulate epoxy coatings with an additional tensile strength that can withstand the extreme load. Not using the right resin can end with a damaged floor from too much pressure. Don’t risk costly repairs and resurfacing by using the wrong product. We assess the needs and requirements of your floor so that it is going to strong enough for facilities that require improved performance.


Concrete Fusion offers a range of floor systems specifically designed for these environments. Our products can include many finishing options from colors to admixtures like anti-slip and anti-static coatings. Concrete Fusion delivers floors that are long lasting and durable in these types of punishing environments.


Installing a concrete floor system with an epoxy coating is a big investment for any facility. Using the wrong product or installing it incorrectly puts the whole project at risk. Concrete Fusion assesses your requirements and environment to deliver a floor that is guaranteed to perform.


Concrete Fusion’s expert staff help you choose the right product to suit your environment requirements, and match your budget too. We stock a range of products from leading manufacturers. With hundreds of successful epoxy flooring projects installed we can say that our products are durable and stand the test of time.

Here are the benefits of choosing heavy duty coatings on your project:
  • Exceptionally high compressive strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Aluminum oxide admixture for abrasion resistance
  • Epoxy and steel aggregate component flooring
  • Meet CFIA requirements
  • Optional Antimicrobial protection
  • Moisture vapor mitigation available for some products

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