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Fire & Public Safety Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The heroes who work in the fire, police stations, ambulance depots, and other public safety offices need a floor that helps them complete their mission. A clean, safe, and bright environment ensures everyone is ready to respond when the call comes in. Concrete Fusion works with municipalities to install concrete and epoxy flooring in these facilities in Ottawa and we are capable of travelling to other regions in Eastern Ontario as well.

Vehicle Maintenance and Equipment Storage Flooring

Parking vehicles for regular citizens is an afterthought but for first responders gaining fast access to their transportation is a must. There isn’t room for damaged floors, slippery surfaces that could injure or slow down the response.

We highly recommend the following specs for emergency response floors:
  • Solid-colored concrete epoxy or urethane mortar floor coating solutions
  • High level of anti-slip
  • Moisture resistant
  • Solid-colored silica broadcast resinous floors
  • Chemically-resistant
  • High resistance to abrasion and impacts
  • Graphical border inlay and safety marking
  • Your organization’s logo embedded in the floor finish

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    Floor Coating Systems for Locker Rooms, Offices and Common Areas

    Our first responders need to be fresh and ready to go when the call comes in. That’s why common area and living spaces cannot be overlooked. Concrete Fusion is able to provide a wide variety of finished that offer the necessary strength but also are modern and stylish. Foot traffic is no match for a floor installed by Concrete Fusion. Our team works with you to make sure you get a floor that is specified for your usage and customized to your needs. All this and within a budget that city procurement departments can easily afford.


    Our high-performance, anti-slip floor systems are installed quickly and with minimum disruption to the emergency services you provide. Concrete Fusion floors provide a seamless monolithic surface from wall to wall. Our coving and sloped floors (towards drain) make cleaning floors as fast and easy as possible.

    Not to mention our products are modern, trendy and pleasant to look at. Some of our finishing options include:

    Some of our finishing options include:
    • Solid color, or a blend of chips
    • A variety of quartz blends
    • A range of ‘faux stain’ finishes
    • Water and chemical resistance
    • Impact and abrasion resistance
    • Variable anti-slip surfaces

    We have a large selection of decorative and functional components for our floors. Concrete Fusion has become a staple for retrofitting and construction of new emergency service buildings. Call us today to speak to a salesperson. We custom-build floors that suit your specifications and budget.

    To find out more about Concrete floor finishes in Fire & Public Safety Facilities,

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