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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Fire & Public Safety Flooring

Fire & Public Safety Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The people that work in the fire and public safety are considered heroes in the eyes of the community, and rightly so. They deserve to work in an environment that gives them the protection they need to do their jobs.

Vehicle Maintenance and Equipment Storage Flooring

Emergency vehicles and the environment they are housed in must always be kept at an optimal peak when it comes to performance. There is no room for damaged floors or slippery surfaces that could injure the staff that work there. All of our floors that we recommend for this environment are available with the following options for protection:

• Solid-colored concrete epoxy or urethane mortar floor coating solutions

• Customizable level of Anti-slip

• Moisture resistant

• Solid-colored silica broadcast resinous floors

• Chemical-resistant

• High resistance to abrasion and impacts

• Floor striping and safety marking

• Your organization’s logo embedded in the floor finish

Floor Coating Systems for Locker Rooms, Offices and Common Areas

For common usage areas in public safety building, the floor must be able to withstand heavy usage 24 hours a day. We are able to offer a wide variety of finishes that not only offer the required protection, but also look aesthetically pleasing. Our floor systems have been designed to withstand high levels of foot and vehicle traffic without suffering from degradation to the finish. We are able to work with you to create the design you require to ensure that the finished floor meets your protection requirements and is still within your budget.

Our high-performance, anti-slip floor systems can be installed quickly and with minimum disruption. Our floors provide a seamless floor to cove protection, that is easy to clean and maintain, great to look at, and exceedingly economical. Some of our options include:

• Solid colour, or a blend of chips

• A variety of quartz blends

• A range of ‘faux stain’ finishes

• Water and chemical resistance

• Impact and abrasion resistance

• Variable anti-slip surfaces

With our large range of products and floor systems, our floors have become a firm favorite for fire, EMS, and public safety organizations. Call us today to find out which floor will suit your environment and budget.