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Floor Coatings for Dairy Facilities Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Using our range of products that have been designed with your requirements in mind, along with our wide variety of optional finishes, we can ensure that your cows are kept in an environment that maximizes their production and your protection. Our floors can offer this protection and remain aesthetically pleasing for many years, meaning that in the long run, they work out cheaper than other floor systems available.

A Unique Environment with Unique Needs

Dairy processing facilities can often be a dangerous area for potential slips and falls. In addition to this, spillages of acidic fats and other dairy products can have an extreme damaging effect on floors. Add to this the constant foot and heavy vehicle traffic these floors are subject to, and you have an environment that is a health and safety risk. Our floor systems have been specifically designed to offer protection against all these elements, and still provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.


Finding the right floor that will offer you protection and be value for money isn’t easy. So call and talk to our expert staff that will be happy to work with you to find the right floor for you.

Flooring Systems for Dairy Processing Facilities

If your animals are happy and comfortable in their environment, then they will produce more milk. Many unfinished concrete flooring suffers from cracked or uneven surfaces. Not only are these a potential trip hazard for your cattle, causing broken bones or lameness, but they are also a haven for bacteria and germs.


Our epoxy floor systems are able to withstand almost any amount of abuse that ensures the surface remains clean and even. With the right flooring, there is also a reduction in the wear and tear to cattle’s hooves.

Our dairy facility flooring has other advantages as well, including:
  • Imperviousness to milk, lactic acid and water
  • Strong resistance against scratch, abrasion and impact
  • Strong point load resistance
  • Optional antimicrobial protection. Our product eliminates conditions for bacteria and fungi growth and propagation.
  • Exceedingly easy maintenance with optional steam-cleanable finish
  • Moisture-tolerant dairy flooring options

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Dairy Facilities,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request