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Flooring Systems for Hospital Emergency Rooms | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Hospital emergency room can present some of the highest amount of challenges when trying to design a floor that is both safe and attractive. The floors need to withstand high levels of foot-traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The environment also needs to provide a place that is calming, and relaxing to be in during times of stress.

Hygienic, High-Performing Concrete Floor Coatings

High on the priority list for an emergency room’s floor system is that it is able to be kept as hygienically clean as possible, ideally needing low amount of effort to do so. Concrete Fusion’s choices of floor systems for emergency rooms have been specially designed to withstand the types of activity that occur on a daily basis.


Whether you’re looking to install a new floor, or repair an old one, our expert staff are able to help you choose what protection you might need. They will then work with you to ensure that the look and feel of your floor is right for your emergency room.

The characteristics that have designed into the flooring include:
  • Optional antimicrobial properties
  • Bacteria-free properties
  • Closed, impervious high traffic surfaces
  • Static dissipative (SDT) options support safety protocols in areas with sensitive electronics and medical devices
  • Betadine stain-resistant finishes
  • Puncture and impact resistance
  • Chemical and solvent resistance
  • Superior strength and point load capacity
  • Unparalleled abrasion resistance
  • Balanced slip-resistance that allows for easy decontamination

Floor Coverings that are Equally Beautiful and Practical

The benefits of install a floor system from Concrete Fusion don’t stop with protection qualities. Installing one of our floor systems means that you not only have a safe floor, but you will enjoy lower costs for keeping it clean and maintained. Compared to other types of flooring, our floors repel liquids and chemicals, so keeping them clean is a quick easy job. This means that you not only save on expensive cleaning and waxing products, but also on staff time.

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Some of the economic reasons to choose a floor system from Concrete Fusion are:

  • Easy-to-clean and disinfect to help maintain aseptic standards
  • Contain no formaldehyde and are very low to zero V.O.C. during installation
  • Completely inert with no emissions after fully cured
  • No wax finishes mean use of toxic stripping chemicals can be eliminated
  • Impermeable surface repels dirt, fluids and bio-hazards
  • Fast turnaround installation options for hectic, round-the-clock facilities
But, there even more reasons to choose one our floor systems. Not only is it the most economical choice, and you get the protection you need, you can also have a floor that is beautiful to look at. We have an almost endless variation for the finish of your floor including colour, texture, and finish.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Hospital Emergency Rooms,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request