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Flooring Systems for Hotels & Resorts | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

If it’s done right, the first thing a visitor notices on entering a hotel or resort is the floor. Today, more and more hotels are moving away from the more traditional flooring options and choosing to install a concrete floor instead. The right floor system can help your business stand out from the crowd by incorporating magnificent designs into its surface.

The variety of finishes available for concrete flooring is endless, so it is possible to customize each and every area to a specific design.. Say goodbye to worn and stained carpets, and call our expert staff today to find out how we can help you present your establishment is the best possible light.

Superior Hotel Floor Cleanability for Reduced Maintenance

To ensure minimum disruption to guests, hotels require flooring that is very low maintenance, and is quick and easy to clean. Concrete Fusion’s range of floor systems can offer protection against a wide variety of potentially damaging materials and activities. Our floors are resistant to fluids and are non-porous, preventing stains and odors getting into the floor surface. Often, all that is needed to clean our floors is a quick sweep with a brush or mop. If there is a need for harsher cleaning, then our floor can withstand the strongest of cleaning chemicals, and even steam cleaning.

Accessibility and Durability in Hotel Flooring

Due to the flexibility of concrete, our floors can be installed in areas that other floor materials struggle. This means that creating smooth, accessible areas is cost-effective.

Our floors are suitable for a wide range of areas such as:
  • Reception and entryways
  • Elevator lobbies and hallways
  • Atriums and public areas
  • Guest rooms and restrooms
  • Fitness and business centers
  • Indoor and outdoor pool decks
  • Restaurants and entertainment venues
  • All back-of-the-house spaces

Carpeting vs. Epoxy Floor Coating in Resorts

Nothing creates more of a bad first impression that worn out and stained carpets. Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that can be used wherever you have carpets. Our floors will last for decades longer that carpeting, and they require a lot less in the way of cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning carpets is not only expensive and time consuming, but can ultimately damage the material so much that it will need replacing. Not so with our floor systems, they can withstand even the harshest of cleaning products and methods. Our expert technical staff will work with you to help you find the right floor system for your business. Once we identify what protection you need, we can then work on the design and finish of the floor.

Safe, Health-Conscious & Environmentally-Friendly Floor Systems

Health and safety, and the environment are two subjects that are high on people’s radar these days. Consumers have become almost experts in identifying health and safety risks, and are more conscious of materials and activities that can damage the environment. Concrete Fusion is able to offer a range of floor systems that are not only come with high green credentials, but offer the highest levels of protection against health and safety hazards. Due to the durability of our floor systems they have a lifetime that can be measured in decades rather than years. They are exceedingly difficult to damage, and when it does happen they can be repaired economically and quickly. There is rarely a need to completely replace one of our floor systems; it is usually possible to simply use the existing floor as a surface for a new coating.

Unlike other floor types, our floors do not use any particle board or adhesives, and once cured emit very low to zero V.O.C. emissions.

To find out more about concrete floor finishes in Hotels & Resorts,

call (613) 714-0656 or fill out an online request