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Food & Beverage Processing Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Facilities that process food and drink are often challenging environments to keep clean, moisture and bacteria free. Of course, when dealing with food preparation hygiene is a top priority and concern of any company. A flooring solution from Concrete Fusion is one of the best options available for the food service industry. Our products can be washed down with chemicals which make cleaning very easy. Our products can be engineered to work in high and low-temperature areas so your products lasts.

Protection from Harsh Environments

Many of the components, such as acids and alkalines that go into foods cause damage to an unprotected floor. Our top coats are non-porous and chemically resistant to both acids and alkalines. The traffic from workers, forklifts, and pushcarts put additional strain on the floor which is no problem for the top coat we install.

Inspection-Ready Flooring

Flooring in food preparation areas must meet a wide range of regulations from government agencies like CFIA and FDA if you export your product to the USA. We can’t forget about worker safety as well. OSHA will inspect your facility to ensure your facility has anti-slip coatings in areas where moisture is present.


Concrete Fusion installs floors that deliver on all these specifications and more. Beyond that, we can include graphical inlays to inform workers of potential hazards, line direction, and other useful information. With a floor from Concrete Fusion, your facility should have no problem passing any surprise inspections.


Our office is in Ottawa but we are equipped to travel to anywhere in Eastern Ontario and deliver our amazing product to your business.

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