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Abstract Graphical Concrete Coating Designs

With Concrete Fusion’s products, there’s no need to compromise between high-performing floors that protect your floor and are beautiful to look at. We have a large variety of coating systems that we are able to customize to your exact requirements and specifications. If your facility requires protection from heavy foot traffic, vehicle traffic or chemical spills. Concrete Fusion delivers a finished floor that is strong, durable, beautiful and meets your facilities requirements from a range of specifications like anti-slip and anti-microbial admixtures.

Graphical Inlay – Logos & More

Our floors are 100% customizable in performance but Concrete Fusion goes beyond that. We can supply graphical inlays that show off your logo, brand or slogan to guests. Graphical elements don’t stop at aesthetics, we can include decorative borders and informative graphics too. Our products are more than just a floor since we offer function and style.


Our technical staff has many years of experience in creating customer logos, unique designs, and even functional graphics and messaging incorporated into your floor. These unique designs can attract new clients into your business by showcasing your brand to passers by. Beyond style, our floors deliver all the performance to protect against vehicle traffic, impact damage and abrasion.

Safe, Durable Concrete Coating Finishes

All of Concrete Fusion’s floors have a strong and durable finish that is guaranteed to last. Our floors are designed to reduce operating costs by requiring less maintenance than other kinds of floors. No waxing, or sealing – just easy wash downs and incredibly hygienic work areas. We design a coating that matches the needs of your facility and they will look as good as new for a long time to come.


For further information on how to get the protection you need in a floor that looks good, contact our expert friendly staff today. Our professional sales team provide free quotes and travel anywhere in Eastern Ontario. We deliver projects on time and on budget.

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