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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Healthcare & Medical Flooring Systems

Healthcare & Medical Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

There are few industries that are as reliant on durable floor systems that offer protection against bacteria, chemicals, electricity, and general wear and tear as healthcare. Floor systems for this industry must be able to withstand an extreme range of activities, accidents, and yet have the durability to last for years.

Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety in Healthcare

Both your staff and patients rely on a floor system that offers protection against infection while being used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The floor systems that we at Concrete Fusion recommend for healthcare facilities have been specially designed to offer a wide range of protection, as well as being finished for an aesthetically pleasing look. Our floor systems are recommended for use in:

• Hospitals

• Medical centers

• Therapy facilities

• Residential care homes

Our floor systems offer an environment that is safe, clean, protects against damage, and is easy to maintain. Just some of the benefits of installing one of our floors are:

• Seamless floor surfaces that supports rigorous hygiene protocols

• Easy to clean with no waxing

• EPA-registered antimicrobial properties available

• Integral cove base and wall system options

• Stain resistant topcoats available

• Puncture resistant formulas

• Resistant to solvents, cleaning chemicals and disinfectants

• Slip-resistant and safe

Lasting Damage Resistance, Simple Convenience

Our specially designed epoxy and other resin floor coatings offer strong protection against heavy daily foot-traffic, and they are resilient enough to offer the same level of protection against heavy wheeled equipment. Downtime in a healthcare environment can compromise safety and be extremely costly. We are able to offer fast curing floors that can be ready for use with 2 hours of installation. These floors offer the durability you require, giving you the protection against abrasion, spillages, impacts, and yet are easy to clean and maintain.

Custom Colors and Blends

Once you have decided what particular protection you require for your facility, our staff will work with you to help you design the look and feel of your finished floor.>/p>

Our floor finishes can be had in any type of colouring, from solid to multi-faceted. They can accommodate patterns, logos, and even messages for directions, health and safety, or simple company ones.

Together, we can design a floor that is perfect for areas such as:

• Patient and procedure rooms

• Reception and waiting rooms

• Foyers and public spaces

• Cafeterias and kitchens

• Restrooms and locker rooms

• Storage areas and mechanical rooms

• Sensitive electronics areas

• And more!