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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Heavy Duty Epoxy Wall Systems

There are many commercial and industrial environments that require systems that are resistant to chemical exposure, heavy abrasion, and impact damage, and sometimes bacterial protection. Our heavy-duty epoxy wall systems can offer this protection along with seamless finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

What Makes Our Epoxy Coatings & Paints Special

Easy cleaning and maintenance, long lasting durability, and pleasing to the eye are some of the qualities of our epoxy coatings and paint solutions.

• Resistance to harsh cleaners, solvents, disinfectants, acids and alkalis

• Highly abrasion and scratch resistant

• Waterproof systems available

• UV resistant and color stable

• EC-registered antimicrobial protection optional

• Integral floor and wall surface for easy hose down

• Ability to embed fiberglass for extra strength

• Decorative chip blends to match any decor

• Standard solid and custom colors available

We have the wall and floor systems that you might need if you’re looking for seamless integration, and low maintenance.

Why Use High Performance Epoxy Wall Systems?

High performance epoxy wall systems have been specially designed for use in areas where normal paint just isn’t up to the job. Whether it’s for food preparation, high tech, or health environments, our systems can cope with the daily rigors and demands.

Not only do they look better than normal paint, but the lower maintenance, and durability offer value for money that is hard to beat. The chemical and abrasion resistant qualities of our epoxy wall systems are specially designed for vertical surfaces, providing the required protection and the pleasing aesthetics.

Superior Strength and Hygiene

By employing chopped fiberglass, or fiberglass sheeting, this can further reduce protection against impact damage even from industrial carts. Wherever hygiene is an important factor, using our EC-registered antimicrobial additives mean that our systems have inbuilt protection. This means that they are easy to keep clean to regulated standards.