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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

High Performance Flooring Top Coats

By applying one of our high-performance topcoats, it provides an economical way of increasing the durability of your new coating system. This entails applying a thin coat of topcoat to your resinous concrete covering.

What are High Performance Flooring Topcoats?

Topcoats can be applied to specific areas on a floor that require additional protection. For areas that receive heavy foot-traffic, or continuous cart movement, then we have the ideal abrasion-resistant topcoats. If it’s resistance to chemical exposure that you’re looking for, then we also have high-performance topcoats for that protection too.

There are a multitude of environments that have specific protection requirements, and here at Concrete Fusion we can offer you high-performance topcoats to meet them:

• Highly chemical and stain-resistant topcoats

• Solvent-resistant floor finishes

• Resinous concrete coverings that resist high concentrations of acids and alkalis

• Higher heat-resistant and thermal shock-resistant topcoats

• Fast-curing, quick-turnover floor finish coats

• Non-yellowing clear finishes

• Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive flooring topcoats

• Pre-pigmented or field tintable coatings and custom colors

• 100% solid and high solids, low-to-zero VOC coatings

• Very light reflective, glossy finishes or satin flooring topcoats

• High performance topcoats with unparalleled abrasion resistance

These are some of the reasons that our topcoats are requested so often by our customers.

Flooring Top Coats

Custom Slip-Resistant Topcoats

As well as offering protection against high foot-traffic, our topcoats can also provide slip-resistant coverage to key areas. Our highly trained, experienced staff can help you with which topcoat to apply, and where you may need it.