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Applying a high-performance topcoat Concrete Fusion clients get an economical way of increasing the durability of your new flooring system. High performing topcoats entail applying a thin finishing layer over regular strength concrete coatings.

What are High Performance Flooring Topcoats?

High-performance topcoats are specifically applied to floors that require additional protection. Areas that are exposed to heavy foot traffic, cart movement, and vehicle traffic might benefit from this final application. Other coatings can be formulated to include chemical resistance, protection from electrostatic discharge and anti-slip coatings too.


There are many environments and facilities in Ontario that require the additional strength and protection from high-performance concrete coatings.

Concrete Fusion can formulate a custom admixture to include the following characteristics:
  • Highly chemical and stain-resistant topcoats
  • Solvent-resistant floor finishes
  • Resinous concrete coverings that resist high concentrations of acids and alkalis
  • Higher heat-resistant and thermal shock-resistant topcoats
  • Fast-curing, quick-turnover floor finish coats
  • Non-yellowing clear finishes
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive flooring topcoats
  • Pre-pigmented or field tintable coatings and custom colors
  • 100% solid and high solids, low-to-zero VOC coatings
  • Very light reflective, glossy finishes or satin flooring topcoats
  • High performance topcoats with unparalleled abrasion resistance
Concrete Fusion works with businesses to reduce the impact a floor installation has on your business.

We can do installations in stages or work overnights so that disruption to your operation or service is kept to a minimum. Our installation team can travel from Ottawa across Eastern Ontario so you get high-quality and high-performance concrete floors.


Our sales team is standing by ready to bid on your next high-performance floor project. We specialize in fast turnarounds which helps keep schedules and budgets on target. Concrete Fusion offers Ottawa concrete repair, retrofit, renovation and installation of our concrete coatings in new facilities as well. Call today to learn how we can help with your flooring needs.

To find out more about High Performance Flooring Top Coats,

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