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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Hospitality & Restaurant Flooring Systems

Hospitality & Restaurant Flooring Systems | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The flooring in hospitality and restaurants require specific protection against damage and wear and tear. The need to be easy to clean and maintain, have a durable finish, offer protection against the daily activities, and keep their look and feel for as long as possible. Concrete Fusion has a wide range of floor systems that we recommend for use in these environments.

One-Stop Flooring System Shopping

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of floor systems on the current market. All of our floor systems can be applied with a wide variety of options offer benefits such as:

• Innovative flooring decor for public areas

• Custom colors and blends—our specialty!

• Logos, patterns, multiple effects and floor design options

• High-performance topcoats that protect and preserve your flooring

• Choice of slip-resistant finishes, customizable for different areas

• High temperature and thermal shock-resistant floors

• Steam-cleanable concrete floor systems

• Meets CFIA requirements

• EPA registered antimicrobial protection available

• Easy to clean, inexpensive to maintain, and no waxing required

• Economical, safe and sanitary flooring systems for back of the house

Beautiful, High-Performance Floor Coatings for Public Spaces

Whatever style you have in mind for your facility, Concrete Fusion can ensure that your floor complements it, while giving you the protection to ensure it stays looking as beautiful as the day it was installed for years to come.

Our high-performance floor systems offer protection against fluid and chemical spillage, high volumes of foot and cart traffic, varying temperatures. But there is no need to compromise on the look and feel of your finished floor. We care able to work with you to incorporate any design, logo, or pattern that fits with the look and feel of your facility.

Our wide ranges of floor systems are recommended for environments such as:

• Hotel lobbies

• Coffee bars

• Spas and pool decks

• Changing rooms and restrooms

• Meeting spaces

• Guest rooms• And more!

Durable Hospitality & Restaurant Flooring Systems for Back of the House

When you make a significant investment in a new floor system, you need to be sure that it will remain looking good and undamaged for as long as possible. Environments in the back of house sustain high levels of wear and tear and spillages which can damage most other types of flooring. With a floor system from Concrete Fusion you can rest assured that your floor will be protected against damage from a wide range of potential hazards:

• High volumes of foot and cart traffic

• Heavy impact damage

• Fluid and chemical spillages

• Slips and falls

• Build-up of bacteria and other germs

• Wide range of temperature changes causing thermal shock

• Harsh cleaning products and methods

All of the floor systems that we recommend for these environments meet all of the CFIA requirements. Call our friendly, expert staff today to find out the options for your floor system that will offer the protection you need and save you money!