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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Industrial Concrete Flooring Systems

Choosing your Concrete Flooring Systems

As well as being a very personal choice, there may be other restrictions such as your current flooring environment and your budget.

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff are always happy to help you consider what products may be best for you. They will help you decide the most economical method to resurface and existing floor, or to fill cracks and holes, or even lay a brand new floor.

Determining Your Floor’s Needs

Both our sales and technical teams have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in delivering floors that meet or exceed customer’s expectations. Once you have decided on your floors look, then they will assess the existing surfaces, or area if it’s a new floor to ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting in store for you.

What are the Types of Concrete Flooring Systems?

Different resins work best in their own specific environments, some are compatible with each other, and others are not. Commercial floors often have two or more different coating materials, as well as demarcation areas, and anti-slip routes. Our staff can find the exact types of resin that work for the finish you require.

There are 5 types of high performance resins in use for industrial concrete floors:

• Epoxy flooring

• Urethane topcoats

• Acrylic MMA systems

• Cementitious urethane mortars

• Polyaspartic finishes