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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Industrial Floor for Manufacturing

Industrial Floor Systems for Manufacturing | Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

Manufacturing flooring needs to be exceedingly durable, and resistant to a wide range of potentially damaging activities:

• Chemical spillage

• Heavy impacts

• Foot and wheeled traffic

• Electro-static discharges

• Moisture and wet environments

The floors also need to be able to be kept clean, and still offer an attractive environment to work in. Concrete Fusion can off a wide range of floor systems to meet your needs and offer great value for money.

Industrial Floor

Enduring Quality and Convenience

Within manufacturing facilities there are a variety of functions that require specific, yet different protection:

• Assembly lines

• Machine shops

• Rest areas and cafeterias

• Warehouses

Concrete Fusion has a range of floor systems that can offer the protection required for all of these areas, and more. Our flooring has been specially designed to withstand the daily rigors of manufacturing facilities, yet off the flexibility to be utilized in numerous environments. Our fast-curing flooring offers an economic fast turnaround for installation ensuring minimal downtime for your processes. The floor systems that we recommend for this environment also offer:

• Seamless cove to floor surfaces that slope to drain for quick and easy washing

• Low maintenance costs with easier cleaning. There’s no need for waxing or polishing

• High resistance to acid, alkali, solvents and chemicals

• Protection against very heavy loads and high impact

• Waterproof flooring underlayment options

• Moisture tolerant formulations for wet processing facilities

Safety and Value

In a manufacturing environment safety is near the top of the list of requirements. With our specialist floor systems, we are able to offer flooring solutions that will assist with the reduction of health and safety hazards:

• Varying degrees of anti-slip options

• EPA registered antimicrobial protection assisting high hygiene standards

• Protection against static and sparks

• Thermal shock resistance

• Quick and easy cleaning. Resistance against harsh chemicals and steam-cleaning

• Elastomeric systems to help absorb machine vibration

• Moisture-mitigating systems for slab-on-grade flooring