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Complete Concrete Floor Solutions

Joints, Patching & Striping

As with most things, the end result of an installation is often down the attention to detail. How joints are made, patches applied, and concrete stripped will impact the level of maintenance required to ensure your concrete floor keeps its integrity and its durability. Concrete Fusion can provide epoxy floor maintenance ensuring that your floor is kept up to the best possible condition and last as long as possible.

Concrete Flooring Joints

Whatever your requirements for your concrete floor joints, our staff have the skill and experience, and we have the products to provide a solution. There are several ways we can approach concrete flooring joints irrespective of whether you are preparing a new floor or repairing an existing one.

We use elastomeric and rigid joint treatments to achieve a professional finish. If you require joint strengthening, then we can install backer rods for additional support. We have several joint filling products that allow for movement if you require flexible joints.

Concrete Crack Repair That Makes Sense

It is important to repair cracks and holes in your concrete floor as soon as possible to avoid further degradation to your floor, as well as any health and safety issues. We have numerous kits available depending on what type of repair is required:

• Moisture tolerant cementitious urethane

• MMA mortar

• Aggregate filled epoxy mortar

• Thixotropic gelled epoxy concrete

Which product to use very much depends on the environment the floor is exposed to. Our staff are always ready to help if you need any assistance in choosing the right product.

Concrete Flooring Striping and Marking

Keeping your delineated walkways and lanes clear and visible is essential to health and safety, and efficiency. Concrete Fusion can offer high-performance, durable resin kits that ensure long life, even in high-traffic areas.

We can also incorporate almost any design into your floor, so if you have images that you would like in your floor to designate key areas, then we can help. Why not have your company logo or mission statement on your floor giving your environment the individuality to stand out from your competitors.